The Original Oil Paintings of

K A R O L  M A C K
O.P.A., Signature Member; R.M.P.A.P., Founding; A.A.P.L., Fellow

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Karol Mack's Sublime Mountain Landscapes







Karol Mack is widely recognized as one of the  foremost interpreters of the Western landscape.  Her oil paintings evoke the essence and beauty of the natural world as only a master of painting can do.  The special magic of Karol's work is communicated through light, color and her own unique vision.

 Charlotte Berney
Art Editor (ret.)
Cowboys and Indians Magazine


At their best, Moran and Bierstadt, like the artist of the Hudson River School, capture the grand, unspoiled, yet often fearsome qualities of the American wilderness and do so in ways that inspire feelings of transcendence (or, as Karol Mack calls it," sacredness”)-that reverential, if momentary, insight that nature indeed reflects the divine hand of the Creator.

James H. Pickering
Historian Laureate, Estes Park, CO

The sublime is a deeply moving aesthetic value.  It can be found in many different forms of landscape, but seldom as alive and moving as in the vast, towering peaks of Karol Mack’s paintings.

Pat Mckee
Colorado State University
 Dean of Aesthetics

Karol Mack painting on location


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